Beauty acupuncture

Beauty acupuncture is a pure cosmetic treatment method, not a medical means, which is why it’s offered for healthy people. It influences the skin function, therefore blood-circulation is furnished, moisture content is bettered, and the function of connective tissue is stimulated. It stimulates and regenerates skin. Due to newly obtained elasticity already created skin is straightened anew. Autogenic energies (Chi) are strengthened and with famous guide energies (meridians) led to desired areas. Revitalization and harmonization of general condition is a desired side effect. Developed by DarmaConcept Antlitzcosmetic in ampoule dorm is an indispensable component of the procedure.

Welness acupuncture


Health management

Trias beauty acupunctur

Cellulite acupuncture

Facial harmony
A very sensitive and extremely soft treatment which is carefully carried out on acupuncture points and other definite areas on face, body, back and neck.

Indian body massage

Cupping massage
First here the definite body part is rubbed with furnishing circulation means, afterwards cupping glasses are applied to the chosen area.


In our beauty institute, we offer a comprehensive range from hairdressing services and cosmetic treatments through to massages and wellness.


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Price list

All treatments are also available as a 10-treatment-membership.

- You pay only for 10 treatments and get the 11th treatment for free. -

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Beauvité - Photo gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery and get excited feeling of the atmosphere of our house.

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