Body treatment


Masque modelant
The effective anti-cellulite treatment is created to match exactly your personal needs. A mineral mask tightens and furnishes blood-circulation.

Soin silhouette sculptant
Perfect located treatment of problem areas for belly, thighs, bottom and upper arms.

Thalasso algae pack
Algae consist of important substances as iodine, vitamins, trace elements and minerals. This treatment reduces the symptoms of cellulite and tightens the skin.

Masque Modelant bust
Strengthen and tighten with biological seesubstances.


Body wraping
Strengthening treatment of body’s problem areas. This special treatment stimulates the microcirculation of cells owing to which the fabric is cleansed and disinfected.


In our beauty institute, we offer a comprehensive range from hairdressing services and cosmetic treatments through to massages and wellness.


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Price list

All treatments are also available as a 10-treatment-membership.

- You pay only for 10 treatments and get the 11th treatment for free. -

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Photo gallery

Beauvité - Photo gallery

Take a look at our photo gallery and get excited feeling of the atmosphere of our house.

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